Discover Coyote Valley

Funder: California Department of Food and Agriculture, Specialty Crop Block Grant

Partners: Santa Clara County Open Space Authority

Date of project: 2014 and ongoing

The Discover Coyote Valley (DCV) initiative is part of the Revitalizing Specialty Crop Agriculture in the Coyote Valley project.  Discover Coyote Valley is a series of events and a website – – with an interactive map that  invite discovery of Coyote Valley’s agricultural, recreational and conservation resources.  These events, often collaborations with partners, included tours of farms, guided hikes and walks, outdoor picnics, and workshops and field days.  Discover Coyote Valley has been a key partner in Santa Clara County Open Space Authority’s annual Coyote Valley Family Harvest Feast and provided interactive information and activities about agriculture and crops in the Coyote Valley with over 2,000 event attendees from the surrounding San Jose metropolitan area.

The initial concept included website and branding creation, event coordination and planning, and a series of events from May to October. The Discover Coyote Valley branding and website as well with seasonal events were a great help in public outreach.

The events include self-guided tours of seasonal agricultural and recreational attractions and special activities organized by event partners.

Discover Coyote Valley branding was fulfilled through creation of a vibrant and versatile logo.  The website was created and has been populated with information about farms, nature and recreation in Coyote Valley including an interactive map that shows these locations; events and engagement opportunities as part of the event series; blog posts reporting on Coyote Valley news and our Discover Coyote Valley Events; and photo galleries of the Coyote Valley and DCV events. DCV also established an e-newsletter to share news and events about DCV and the Coyote Valley.

Seasonal events were held to promote agri-tourism and engagement with open space in the Coyote Valley. These events served as an introduction to Discover Coyote Valley’s event series and showed attendees the variety of agricultural experiences, recreation opportunities, and natural resources that are in the Coyote Valley.

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