Agricultural Revitalization

SAGE’s Urban-Edge Agricultural Revitalization Program recognizes the unique importance of sustainable farming near cities. Urban-edge agricultural places sustain cities by providing fresh food grown by diverse farmers, ecosystems services, water and waste recycling efficiencies, and community engagement opportunities. Simultaneously, they contain cities by creating urban-edge green belts and define cities by fostering dynamic agricultural traditions and sense of place.

Collaborating with multiple partners, SAGE develops place-based projects and systems-based tools, frameworks and assessments.

  • Creating place-based projects. Our place-based model projects are in California, the state that leads the country in developing sustainability models.
  • Developing systems-based tools, frameworks and assessments. Our tools have broad application and are being or will be used nationally.

Past Farm People's Grocey farmer Braley in front of sunflowers in field


See our Urban-Edge Agricultural Revitalization projects below and in our Portfolio.

SAGE draws on our expertise in agricultural revitalization to help non-profit, government and private clients through our consulting services.