From vision through implementation, SAGE assists clients in developing place-based agriculture and local food projects. Our consulting services include existing conditions analysis, feasibility studies, business plans, stakeholder engagement and facilitation of multi-party collaborations. Our clients include public agencies, public and private land owners, agricultural enterprises, design/planning and economic consultancy firms, land trusts and public-interest organizations.

We specialize in developing urban-edge Agricultural Parks, from concept to on-the-ground realization, and in creating projects that connect urban-edge agricultural areas with food initiatives in nearby cities.

As facilitators, we bring together diverse stakeholders from government, business and communities to identify the challenges and opportunities and create actionable visions and executable plans for specific projects. As planners and analysts, we develop feasibility studies and assessments. As experts in implementation, we develop detailed implementation plans, advise on fundraising and write grants. As experienced managers, we oversee project development and evaluate progress and success.

Our team brings together expertise in every aspect of agriculture and urban planning, including deep knowledge of local government, for-profit business, state and federal programs, ag-related law, and the intricacies of developing, managing and financing multi-stakeholder projects. In addition to in-house expertise in planning, marketing, finance, regulation, policy, facilitation and negotiation, we partner with economic consulting firms, design teams and academics to offer our clients diverse perspectives on how to accomplish their goals.