San Jose Food Business Incubator/Commercial Kitchen Needs Assessment

SAGE is currently conducting a “growing your food enterprise” needs assessment as part of the implementation of our San Jose Food Works project. We plan to use this information to help catalyze development of the facilities (e.g. kitchen incubators and commercial kitchens) and resources (e.g. technical and financial assistance) most needed by food entrepreneurs in the San Jose region.

We hope this project will help expand opportunities in San Jose for food entrepreneurs. If you are a food entrepreneur in greater San Jose, please fill out our survey. The survey is also available in Spanish and Vietnamese. If you have any questions regarding this survey or the San Jose Food Works project, please email us at

In order to help food entrepreneurs in the near term, SAGE has compiled a list of some of the existing facilities and resources which food business owners in San Jose are using to support their businesses. We have also assembled a presentation about shared commercial kitchens and facilities in other regions that are helping food entrepreneurs reach their goals.