SAGE’s publications and reports share the concepts, frameworks and tools we have developed as well as the knowledge we have gleaned through on-the-ground projects to model these concepts.

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Feasibility Study for a Food Manufacturing and Wholesale Center in San Jose (2020)

The Feasibility Study for a Food Manufacturing and Wholesale Center presents an analysis of the rationale and opportunity for developing a Food Manufacturing and Wholesale Center in San José, and at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in particular. The core concept for the Food Center is a permanent facility dedicated to providing co-located, affordable, convenient, … Continued

Bay Area Food Futures Roadmap (2019)

The Bay Area Food Futures Roadmap presents a vision and actions to advance a sustainable, equitable, healthy local food system as an integral foundation of the Bay Area’s regional resilience and shared prosperity. The Roadmap has a three-fold purpose: 1) Make a case for integrating the agriculture and food industry cluster into regional planning frameworks; … Continued

Bay Area Food Economy white paper (2018)

The purpose of the Bay Area Food Economy white paper is to highlight economic and other contributions of our regional food economy, propose strategies and investments needed to protect and strengthen its contributions, and encourage increased investment in the agricultural resources and food supply sectors that are a pillar of our regional resilience.

Collaborative Farming: A Toolkit for Farming in Community (2017)

SAGE announces the publication of Collaborative Farming: a Toolkit for Farming in Community. The Toolkit is designed to help new, beginning, and small-scale farmers make business decisions that best support their financial, social, and operational goals. It explains business basics that underlie all successful farming businesses, as well as tested models of collaborative farming for … Continued

San Jose Food Works (2016)

Food Works is an assessment and call to action. It provides a compelling vision and actionable recommendations for a food system that serves all San Jose communities, now and into the future. The report identifies specific needs and opportunities for food system investments and actions, and makes recommendations for partnerships and strategies to initiate new investment activities.

Sunol AgPark Park Case Study (2014)

A Case study of the Sunol AgPark from 2005-2014, detailing out the AgPark’s creation and operations from perspectives of SAGE, AgPark Farmers and the SFPUC landowner. This case study is designed as an information-sharing tool for other farmers, organizations and government entities who are interested in collaborative, urban-edge Agricultural Parks.

A Call for New Ruralism (2013)

This paper proposes the concept of “New Ruralism”—the preservation and enhancement of urban edge, rural agricultural areas as places that are indispensable to the economic, environmental, social, and cultural vitality of cities and metropolitan regions—as a framework for creating a bridge between sustainable agriculture and smart growth.

Sustaining Agriculture and Conservation in Coyote Valley (2012)

SAGE initiated the Conserving Coyote Valley Agriculture Feasibility Study to assess the potential for creating a sustainable agriculture resource area within the 7,400-acre Coyote Valley. The final report concluded that it is feasible to sustain agriculture and conservation in the Coyote Valley and developed recommendations for strategic actions over a 25-year period. The Coyote Valley is home to a regionally significant agricultural resource area that contains important farmland and...

Bay Area Food Landscapes (2011)

SAGE produced a supplement for Bay Nature magazine featuring a large-format map and articles highlighting Bay Area food landscapes from urban farms to open range.

Farming in the Watershed (2011)

SAGE developed a curriculum called “Farming in the Watershed” that engages children with the farmers and landscape of the unique, 18-acre Sunol AgPark through a variety of hands-on activities. The curriculum has 18 lessons in 3 units which were all tied to California State Standards at the time.

San Francisco Foodshed Assessment (2008)

SAGE, in collaboration with the American Farmland Trust (AFT), produced a feasibility study about the potential of the City of San Francisco to get more of its food from local sources as a means to increase urban public health, regional agriculture viability, and urban-rural linkages. The Assessment led to the convening of the Mayor’s San Francisco Urban-Rural Round-table, which SAGE helped lead.

Sustainable Agriculture in California Parks (2007)

SAGE conducted a study to assess the feasibility for expanding sustainable agriculture operations in the California State Parks. Of the seven State Parks investigated in detail, several showed considerable promise as potential AgPark sites. If implemented, this program could bring numerous benefits to park visitors, such as: providing interpretive programs, demonstration and hands-on education projects, and locally-grown food for concessions.

Proceedings From: New Ruralism and Other Urban-Rural Sustainability Strategies (2007)

The “New Ruralism & Other Urban-Rural Sustainability Strategies” symposium was held at UC Berkeley on April 5 – 6, 2007. The Symposium brought together over 200 leading policy makers, scholars, farmers, planners, and activists involved in bridging sustainable agriculture and smart growth. The starting point for the Symposium was the idea that the health and sustainability of our urban areas depends on the vitality and sustainability of the surrounding...

Urban Edge Agricultural Parks Toolkit (2005)

The Urban Edge Agricultural Parks Toolkit is a comprehensive guide for public and private landowners who want to revitalize or establish agriculture as a valued urban-edge amenity.