Regen 1 Alliance (2021 – present)

Alongside growers, agronomists, technical service providers and major buyers, SAGE is involved in developing the Regen1 Alliance (R1A). Our coalition has a mission to create a farmer-focused, evidence-backed, place-based, and market-driven community platform to rapidly scale the adoption of climate-smart agriculture. We see regenerative, climate-smart agriculture as a systems- and place-based approach that restores ecosystems, communities and economies.

Through our multi-stakeholder effort, R1A has already on-boarded nearly 100 growers in California, including over 30 historically underserved growers. These stakeholders have provided feedback to inform our onboarding process and are continuing to advise on our overall programmatic directions.  Our marketplace workgroup includes representatives from large institutional buyers (i.e. Compass and Sodexo), retailers (i.e. Whole Foods), distributors, CPG Brands, etc. and has broad expertise in marketing products, supply chain integration, and procurement.  Our business alliance has also been working together to develop innovative ways to tell the story of climate-smart commodities and build both consumer and purchaser awareness and demand.

In early 2022, the Regen 1 Alliance plans to re-launch its website (building off the initial version,, onboard more growers and provide them with technical and financial assistance to increase their regenerative agriculture practices, and help these growers develop new markets.