SAGE specializes in creating places where farming and local food culture can thrive and be celebrated.  Many of our project sites offer opportunities for visiting on an informal basis or for special events.

Visit the Sunol AgPark

Opportunities to visit the Sunol AgPark include: school field trips, custom tours, volunteer work days, company work days, and special events. See the Sunol AgPark page for more info.

Visit the Coyote Valley

Opportunities to visit the Coyote Valley are described on the Discover Coyote Valley website.

Visit other SAGE project sites

Martial Cottle Park, for which SAGE was the agricultural consultant on the Master Plan, is also open to the public.

Beyond specific project sites, the Bay Area is home to many extraordinary agricultural places, for many of which SAGE has provided consultation services and conducted a range of assessments.  You can learn about these areas through our Bay Area Food Landscapes Map  and the California Agricultural Almanac.

We encourage you to explore these places directly.  In the next year or so, we hope that our pending Bay Area Farm Trails portal will provide another new exploration tool.