Heather Wooten, Board Chair

Heather is an experienced and creative urban planner and project manager, specializing in developing and implementing policies that create healthy, sustainable, and economically vibrant communities. Formerly Vice President of Programs at ChangeLab Solutions, Heather is currently Principal at Onside Partners, a nonprofit consulting company.

Amie MacPhee, Board Treasurer

Amie MacPhee leads the strategic and creative teams at Cultivate, a Conservation, Resiliency Planning, Urban and Community Design firm. Inspired by the California oak woodland landscape of her childhood, Amie has made a career designing, advocating for, and creating environments where people and nature can thrive. For Amie, landscape architecture is the melding of art, design, nature and stewardship to lay the groundwork for lasting vibrant and healthy environments. She thinks of herself, foremost, as a steward of the natural world, and approaches all design efforts as an integrated system of the region’s legacy, culture and nature.

Amie’s strength is in helping clients and communities translate their vision into innovative designs and strategic implementation approaches. She cares deeply about changing the “business as usual” approaches to designing our environments and is passionate about crafting solutions that cultivate places of lasting value. This includes leading creative teams, communities, and stakeholders through the process of thinking through a fully thought-out vision to realize shared project and community goals.

Brett Melone, Board Secretary

Brett  is the Director of Lending at California FarmLink. Brett has more than 15 years of experience supporting the business success of farmers and leading non profit organizations that serve farmers. Brett also has extensive non-profit management experience and served as Executive Director of Friends of MarViva Foundation and as the Executive Director of ALBA, Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association in Salinas, California.

Fadzayi Mashiri, Board Member

Dr. Fadzayi Mashiri is Director of UCCE in Mariposa County and Livestock and Natural Advisor in Mariposa and Merced Counties. As County Director Fadzayi provides oversight, support, and direction for all UCCE county research and outreach programs; liaises and strengthens relationships among county administration, stakeholders, and UCANR leadership and staff; and grows and manages the budget. In her role as Livestock and Natural Resources Advisor, Fadzayi conducts research and extends evidence-based production and best management practices to increase economic viability for livestock producers, while promoting sustainable management of natural resources.

Advisory Board:
Paul Chapman

Sue Conley

Robert Davis

Jerry Anne DiVecchio

Barry Epstein

Harrison Fraker

Desmond Jolly

Roberta Klugman

Malcolm Margolin

Jeannie McCormack

Craig McNamara

Al Medvitz

Larry Orman

Judith Redmond

Dan Solomon

Isabel Wade

Alice Waters

Janet Smith-Heimer