About Us

SAGE revitalizes agricultural places near cities and

fosters vital food systems that connect urban and rural communities.

Founded in 2001, SAGE revitalizes sustainable urban-edge agriculture, fosters healthy local and regional food systems, and connects diverse urban communities with the people and places that grow their food.

Through our two linked programs – Urban-Edge Agricultural Revitalization and Urban-Rural Connections – SAGE works to revitalize agricultural places that sustain, contain and define cities and to connect urban and rural communities for their mutual benefit.

Our goals:

  • Cultivate urban-edge places that model sustainable agriculture integrated with resilient communities
  • Broaden the community of supporters for urban-edge farming
  • Provide expertise, resources, tools and convening opportunities that strengthen local and regional food systems, integrated with regional resilience frameworks

As a lean, entrepreneurial nonprofit organization, we use a collaborative approach to develop pioneering projects and provide technical services in the Bay Area and beyond. Our partners and clients include public agencies, land trusts, farmers and agricultural associations, planning and economic consultancy firms, public-interest organizations, educators, health experts, and urban and rural community groups.

We work with long-term consultants on many of our projects and for our administrations and development needs.

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Sustainable Agriculture Education
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