100+ Jobs to Feed People and Sustain the Planet

The 100+ Jobs to Feed People and Sustain the Planet project is designed to inspire students, job seekers and career changers, to explore future-oriented  jobs in agriculture, food, water, and the environment. The project is a collaboration between SAGE and CA Community Colleges (in Bay Area, Central Valley and NorCal regions) Workforce Development/Employer Engagement Programs for Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies. 

The early phase, one-page website features ‘job stories’ built around short informal videos of vibrant, early-career people describing what they love about their jobs, what they do every day, their pathway to the job, and their aspirations for themselves and for making a difference. Created around the videos, each job story is packaged as a digital card deck that also includes information about wages and education pathways. By June we are aiming to post a total of 40 compelling, diverse job stories.

The website also includes a ‘program finder’ (still in development) for relevant community college programs, a list of digital job boards, and links to the general information sources about jobs data. We are refining the website as we go, based on feedback solicited from our target audience of students and job seekers.  We welcome suggestions for job ambassadors; please email 100jobs@sagecenter.org.

California Community Colleges are providing the project funding.