Sunol AgPark

The Sunol Water Temple AgPark is a collaborative farm that promotes sustainable agricultural practices, supports beginning and diverse farmers, fosters public education and protects natural resources in the Alameda Creek watershed. SAGE created the AgPark in 2006 through an historic partnership with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the landowner.

Part of 40,000 acres of watershed lands owned by the SFPUC, the AgPark is located on 20 acres of prime farmland in the beautiful Sunol Valley. It is situated at the confluence of two wild creeks and adjacent to the 100-year-old Sunol Water Temple.

The Sunol AgPark serves as a replicable model of the AgPark concept which SAGE has been developing for over a decade. SAGE’s services include developing feasibility studies and business plans for AgParks on private land.

The Sunol AgPark dynamically and collaboratively integrates sustainable farming, public education, and natural resources stewardship.

Farming at the Sunol AgPark

  • Today the AgPark is a thriving urban-edge farm, home to eight small-scale organic farming enterprises that produce delicious fresh food for diverse Bay Area communities. SAGE provides technical and marketing assistance for farmers and has established an irrigation system, fencing, farm roads, a greenhouse and a classroom/meeting area on AgPark land.

Meet the AgPark farmers here.

Sunol AgPark Agricultural Goals

Public education and engagement

Sunol AgPark Education programs engage public school children, educational groups and community members on the importance of sustainable farming and connections to agricultural lands.

SAGE’s education programming includes hands-on environmental education and field trips for schoolchildren, service learning and job training for youth, volunteer opportunities for community members, and public events. These programs bring thousands of school children and visitors to the AgPark each year. SAGE is collaborating with SFPUC on the development of the Alameda Creek Watershed Center, a permanent environmental education center being built at the AgPark and the Water Temple.

Sunol AgPark Public Education Goals

Natural Resource Stewardship

The AgPark enhances soil quality, preserves water quality and establishes and protects habitat for pollinators and other native species, while providing open space for local communities.

Soil Enhancement
Hedgerows and habitat
Water Conservation