Vision for a San Mateo County Food and Farm Bill

SAGE has been selected to assist the County of San Mateo in developing A Vision for a San Mateo County Food and Farm Bill, a cross-cutting agenda to improve the County’s agricultural economy and ensure healthy food access for all residents.  The project is funded by the San Mateo County Health System and is a partnership with the San Mateo County Food System Alliance.

SAGE’s work will begin with a review of existing food system assessments in the County as well as a stem-to-stern review of how the County utilizes existing Federal and State programs. We will also convene a series of meetings to set a vision for a comprehensive and integrated County-wide plan for food and agriculture. Our final report will contain implementation recommendations to realize immediate, mid-term, and long-term goals.

San Mateo County spans remote coastal and mountain communities and a dense metropolitan corridor. It has the lowest percent of food secure residents of any county in the state, still, 11% of the population is food insecure. At the same time demand for locally grown food is increasing, land in agricultural production is dwindling, and there are few opportunities to make a living working in farming and ranching. These somewhat conflicting issues inspired County leaders to ask how food and agricultural systems can work together as part of the infrastructure of a healthy, thriving, and connected county.