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What We Do


An immigrant from Laos plants two acres of strawberries, the first time he has farmed in 15 years.

A software engineer becomes a partner in a small farm so he can grow the berbere peppers and specialty kales from his native Ethiopia.

A third-generation farmer expects he’ll sell his farmland for housing developments, until SAGE’s bold plan for an urban-edge agro-ecological reserve inspires him to see a sustainable future for farming on his land.

SAGE envisions a sustainable model of multifunctional agriculture that promotes opportunities for beginning, immigrant and established farmers to grow food at multiple scales and food access for local communities, while conserving natural resources, providing public education and access to open space, and facilitating equitable economic development, community livability and smart growth.

Founded in 2001, SAGE is an entrepreneurial nonprofit that implements its ambitious mission and innovative projects through collaborations with public and private partners.