What does SAGE do?

SAGE cultivates urban-edge places where farming and local food culture can thrive and be celebrated. Learn more about our work and services.

When was SAGE founded?

A lean, entrepreneurial nonprofit organization, SAGE was founded in 2001 to protect and revitalize urban-edge agriculture, support and diversify the sustainable farming population, and connect diverse urban communities with the people and places that grow their food.

Does SAGE only work on agricultural projects in the Bay Area?

SAGE is headquartered in Berkeley, CA and engages in a number of projects throughout the Bay Area. However, our consulting and planning services are offered to interested clients throughout the country. The Bay Area is a place where innovative, pioneering urban-edge agricultural models can be explored and developed. The tools and models that we create through our projects in the Bay Area can be adopted at various scales and applied to different regions.

What is ‘urban-edge’ agriculture and why is it important?

The ‘urban edge’ refers to the geographic areas where the urban and rural meet. Urban-edge agricultural places sustain cities by providing fresh food grown by diverse farmers, ecosystems services, water and waste recycling efficiencies, and community engagement opportunities. Simultaneously, they contain cities by creating urban-edge green belts and define cities by fostering dynamic agricultural traditions, local food cultures and sense of place.

How can SAGE help my agricultural project?

Please see our services or contact SAGE for specific ideas or more information on the services we can provide. Our portfolio of work illustrates examples of agricultural assessments, feasibility studies, vision plans, management plans and other services that SAGE has provided for private landowners, public agencies and partnering organizations.

What is an AgPark?

An AgPark is an ‘Agricultural Park.’ The name draws from the term ‘Business Park’ where multiple businesses operate in the same space or park area. AgParks are an innovative, scalable model that facilitates land access and technical assistance for multiple beginning farmers, and provides fresh food and educational engagement opportunities for nearby communities. The AgPark model is used widely in Europe; in the United States, it provides a unique opportunity for revitalizing urban-edge agriculture.

How can I get land at the Sunol AgPark?

Please see information on Farming at the Sunol AgPark. Land becomes available as farmers leave the AgPark or fallow land is put back into production. SAGE reviews farmer applications in the summer and fall and brings on new AgPark farmers in the beginning of the calendar year. We ask interested farmers to fill out a prospective farmer form and submit a business plan. Also see our Beginning Farmer and Rancher development work for other resources and opportunities for farmers.

How can I learn about upcoming events and workshops?

Sign up for SAGE’s mailing list, or check out our events and opportunities for group visits.

How can I book a field trip to the Sunol AgPark for my school class?

Please use our registration form, where you can also find the field trip FAQs. You can also contact our Education Coordinator directly at education@sagecenter.org

Where can I find a SAGE publication?

SAGE has produced numerous publications, most of which are available for download. Contact SAGE if you are interested in purchasing a high quality print.

Is SAGE a 501(c)3?

Yes, SAGE is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our EIN is 91-2161389.

Where can I see SAGE’s 990?

Contact us to request a copy of SAGE’s 990.

Who funds SAGE?

SAGE is supported by a diverse group of funders and sponsors. SAGE is also supported by generous individual donors.

How can I help support SAGE?

Your support is greatly appreciated. Donate today! Any amount helps SAGE cultivate urban-edge places where farming and food culture can thrive and be celebrated.


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