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Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE) cultivates urban-edge places where farming and local food culture can thrive and be celebrated.

SAGE regenerates agricultural places that define and sustain cities in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Founded in 2001, SAGE is a lean, entrepreneurial organization that convenes partners to collaborate on innovative projects, including public agencies, farmers, educators, conservationists, health experts, economists, planners, public-interest organizations, and community groups in urban and rural areas.

SAGE cultivates urban-edge places, such as the Sunol AgPark and the 7,400 acre Coyote Valley.

SAGE broadens the community of supporters for sustainable agriculture, through education and outreach, agri-tourism engagement and bolstering markets for local food.

SAGE provides expertise, resources, tools and convening opportunities, such as providing technical assistance to beginning farmers, and disseminating tools, frameworks and best practices.

Sibella Kraus, SAGE President, has decades of experience in promoting local food and sustainable agriculture. Take a look at her work in this video from the Natural Resources Defense Council, produced upon Sibella’s recognition of “Regional Food Leader” in the NRDC 2014 Growing Green awards.